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What are the best products to sell online?

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What are the best products to sell online?

John Littleford The Website Designer
Published by John Littleford in Websites · Sunday 01 Dec 2019
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What are the best products to sell online?
You can sell absolutely anything online. From a smelly old pair of tennis shoes to a Roll Royce. Having a website makes it so easy these days for you take money and sell your products or services online. However, both of these examples above will need you to physically fulfil the order, meaning you need to either pay someone else to action this for you or you have to do it yourself.
By far the most profitable and easy to run online businesses are enterprises that sell digital products.
What are digital products?
They are products that can be simply downloaded once purchased, like music, pictures, eBooks, video courses and software etc.  This means your costs are kept to a minimum and everything works on autopilot. Meaning you can be earning money while you sleep, rest or play!
Why are digital products so profitable?
The same digital product can be sold over and over again. You don’t need to keep buying stock. Once you’ve purchased the license for it, it can be sold forever. Also, you won’t need a stock room or warehouse to store the product in. Digital products can be stored on a hard drive, or in the cloud and are delivered to your customers electronically.  The customer pays for it online and are then automatically taken to a download page where they download their purchase. That’s why this type of business is so profitable, the costs are kept down to a minimum.

Let me just summarise the benefits of an online business selling digital products.
You don't need:
  • to pay out for and store loads of stock - no warehouse fees
  • to employ anyone - no wages
  • to fulfill any orders - all orders automatically downloaded
  • to buy more of the product - with digital products you never run out of stock
  • to pay rent for a shop - you don't need a bricks and mortar shop, you just need a laptop and a internet connection
  • to pay for shipping or postage - your products are delivered electronically
  • to be there - your digital products are available 24/7, 365 days a year to anyone in the world who has an internet connection
The latest trend
Before the internet, if you wanted to learn something new  you'd have to go back to school, be it a night school or a local college or university. However, for most people, sitting in a class, writing notes for hour after hour can be a complete bore and very time consuming. This is why the latest trend of selling video masterclasses is doing so well. Otherwise known as eLearning, people are loving this way of improving themselves and their lives. They can do it in their own time in bitesize steps so it doesn't interefere with their busy lives.  You may already know people who are learning new skills in the comfort of their own home or have seen them as they sit on the train going to work. eLearning courses can be watched on most mobile phones, iPads, laptops or smart TVs. It could be the latest fitness trend, how to improve your golf, learning how to write your own book, or even learning the art of massage. Basically, any hot niche where people are constantly looking for answers.
What are people looking for after Christmas?
So many people set goals for the new year, and the most popular one is usually to lose weight and get fit. Do you think that if you had an online business that sold a masterclass in losing weight whilst getting fit that you’d have a hot product that many people would be attracted to?
Of course you would and it could make a lot of money for you too.  
Where can I get a digital product to sell?
You don’t always need to buy a digital product to sell, you can easily create one yourself. It’s really not that difficult these days.  For example, a local chiropractor I know is an expert in fixing backs. She created an eBook on how to fix your back and sells it on her website. I know a local tennis coach who created videos of how to improve your serve and sells them on his website as a downloadable product. If you have an expertise, then why not use it!
However, I know that not everyone has the time to create their own digital products and it can be an expensive business buying a license for these kinds of products.  I have a limited supply of hot niche digital products for sale. They come with their own website and are expertly copywritten to make sales.
If you are interested, then please contact me by using the menu button and contact me icon whilst stocks last.
All the best John

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