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Why Every Business Needs a Website

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Why Every Business Needs a Website

John Littleford The Website Designer
Published by John Littleford in Websites · Tuesday 01 Oct 2019
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Why Every Business Needs a Website.
Even if you don't sell online you still need a website. It's a great way of collecting leads and advertising what you do... 24/7!
And you don't have to wait for organic traffic to come your way. You can pay to drive traffic to your site through ad campaigns on dozens of platforms. You need a presence online, whatever you do. Online business is growing every year, and its crucial to have a website to get a slice of that pie. At the core of your business you need a website, that you have full control of.
Social Media Rules Change
If you build an online audience on another online platform like social media, Facebook, instagram, twitter you have to play by their rules and their rules are always changing. For example, back in the day on Facebook you'd have 1000's of likes on your page and when you sent out a status update it went out to 1000s of people, but then Facebook users starting complaining about that and now the reach is only to 5 to 10% of the people who like your facebook page. So now you'd have to pay to advertise to the other 90% of your potential customers. People got angry at this change, but hey it's Facebooks platform, its their rules. This is why you need to set up on your own domain, your own hosting platform in the form of a website.
Your Brand
Also having your own website allows you to advertise and develop your own brand. It sets you apart from your competitors!
Help People Find Your Business and Services
An obvious reason for having a website is for people searching for information about your business. The more information you can provide on your website the happier these potential customers will be. Remember people search at all times of the day and night. They demand 24/7 information.
Establish Trust in Your Business or Service
Websites establish trust. Testimonials are good way to establish trust on your website. They are great way to counter any negative feedback you may have had on other sites like Yelp.
Attract Potential Customers to Your Business for FREE!
This doesn't happen overnight, but if you create consistent content and grow your website, you can earn free traffic from Google search. This is known as organic traffic. People just search for the keywords involved in your business and Google shows your website as one of the best options for their search. A great way to do this, is to have a blog on your site, where you consistently update your site with new articles, posts, pictures and advice.
Enjoy Brand Authority
Plus, if your website is appearing near the top of Google search then this gives your business great authority within its niche.
Online Ads
And you don't have to wait for organic traffic to come your way. You can pay to drive traffic to your site through ad campaigns on dozens of platforms.

So, if you've been thinking about having an online presence and not sure how to go about it, I hope this article has helped. Please comment below if you have any points you wish to make.

All the best,

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