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The Setting Up Process

The Six Steps to Your Perfect Website

Step 1. We talk

Website Wireframe exampleOnce you’ve got in touch with me, I'll get back to you with a website creation brief, that will include wireframe suggestions.  (A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.)
Then we'll be able to design your website’s structure and functionality between us. I will then send you my recommendations and suggestions in a document and provide you with a fixed price quote.
If you're happy to go ahead with the project, you just pay the deposit and I’ll schedule your website build into my diary.
Step 2. More about you and your business

Your website can have all the bells and whistles you like, but at the end of the day it has to attract your target audience, stop them in their tracks and lead them to take immediate action.
That’s why step 2 is so important in the process of developing a website together. I need to know exactly who you want to target, why they need your product or service and what it is it that will attract them to your potential site.
Together we will examine the features and benefits of your business. I’ll want to know more about the background of the business, how it came to be and the personality behind it.
All this will enable me to gain the information needed to build a custom-made site for you that truly engages your audience and entices them to take action.
Step 3. We talk structure and content

The structure and the content of the site is something that we can develop together, by using the wireframe and website creation brief that you'll receive once you’ve completed the initial contact form.

You will be able to tell me how you would like the content to look, within a structure. How people will navigate the site through its menu’s and supply me with draft content and imagery you want on the site.
Step 4. We discuss your brand and design

When you have an effective design in line with your brand, it ensures a connection with your audience. The layout must be clean, without distractions helping your visitors engage with your content and brand.

Navigation will be intuitive and enable your audience to find what they’re looking for.

We will ensure the colours and graphics will complement your brand to create the right feel and look to your site. The text and typography will draw your audience to the parts of the website you want them to be, encouraging them to take action.

Your site will work seamlessly on all platforms, from PC’s to mobile phones.
Step 5. Building the Website

Now that we have agreed on the design, the content and imagery to be used. I am ready to custom build your website.

During the build process I will optimise each page for SEO purposes, so it is search engine friendly.

I will make sure each page is responsive on all platforms, including mobile phones.

Your site will be tested rigorously to make sure it runs seamlessly and loads quickly.
Step 6. I launch your Website

Once you are happy with the design and build of your new website, I will launch your site so your audience can visit.

I will set up google analytics on your site so you can see how your website is performing and how your audience react to your content.
Created by John Littleford
John Littleford
Freelance Website Designer
I custom build websites for small businesses, sole traders, charities and individuals. Let's work together and build the perfect website for your business or service.

John Littleford
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