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Have you ever thought about making extra money online?

The truth is that making money online isn't as difficult as many make it out to seem. However, it does require some discipline. Some online businesses will provide you with immediate results, helping you to tackle your basic monthly out-goings such as the mortgage or rent, your utilities and groceries, whilst others have the capability of changing your life by revolutionizing your finances in the long term.
John Littleford | 8/1/2020

5 Reasons why a website is needed by every small business

Here are the most common reasons small businesses opt not to have one:
“I’m not technically savvy”,
"It's too costly,"
“I‘ve no time”, or the infamous...
“I have enough work and can count on word of mouth referrals, so I don’t need one”.
The reality is that you don't have to be technically savvy, it can be inexpensive and simple to get a professional website for your small business. But, to put it bluntly – not having a website is costing you time and money! Check this out, before making a purchase decision, 88 percent of individuals are researching a company or service on the internet. That's 45.36 million online business searchers. Yet still, half the small businesses list their number 1 reason for not owning a website as, "Business presently does not need one." I’m not a statistician, but here I can see a glaring disconnect.
John Littleford | 1/11/2019
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