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"As a kid, I always had a dream of being a top tennis player. I trained hard and actually became quite good. However, I soon discovered that at the top, tennis is a game for giants, not 5' 8" guys like me.

So at the age of 25, I decided if you can't beat them, teach them and became a professional tennis coach.  Teaching tennis is very rewarding, and I had many successes along the way with some of my students even playing at Wimbledon.

During my spell as a coach I co-founded a company that provided education to professional coaches around the world. This is when I was introduced to the world of websites.

Our company, MTI, needed a website, so we hired a local company to build us one. We needed a membership website, that could also take bookings for our courses and have an online shop for our many teaching resources. To our frustration, the website we had built never really performed as we wanted, and it cost us an absolute fortune. This is when I decided to have a go myself and enrolled in several courses to qualify me to help us to build our own.  This is when I discovered a whole new passion that suited the creative side of my nature."

You can take a look at the website I created for MTI here or look at my portfolio of work done here   

To keep costs down I have created some readymade templates         

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