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“In today’s uncertain economy, and with job security being at an all-time low, you can never depend on just a single income.”

Everybody Needs a ‘WHAT IF’ Strategy!

Ready Made Online Business Websites for sale!
"Now, more than ever people are buying and selling online. It's a very safe and profitable way to do business, and can be managed from
anywhere you can get an internet connection."

John Littleford - Web Designer presents:

'Readymade Online Businesses'

I have created these Readymade Online Business websites to give you the chance of having multiple streams of income.
Each readymade website includes:
    • A lead offer and a squeeze page for building a subscriber list.
    • They all include a re-brandable digital product (video masterclass) with resell rights to sell into a niche market
    • Each has its own readymade sales page.  
    • Also, extra content can be added on an ongoing basis to attract traffic, which can be monetised in many ways, including affiliate programs.

Each niche is chosen for its profit potential. Through personal experience and market research, I know what works.
For example, take the golf niche ....
Here's an example of one website that I've developed. It's been thoroughly researched and I have brokered a WORLDWIDE deal for this MASTERCLASS IN ALL ASPECTS OF GOLF VIDEO LESSONS.  I've called it 'Play Better Golf', but you can re-title and re-brand it to make it unique to your business and the marketplace.                         
According to the data I researched, there were 649,238 SEARCHES for terms containing the word 'GOLF'EVERY DAY!
You have an opportunity now to start with an online business that is ready-made for this high demand with me right now...
Typically these niche sets will sell for between £67-£97 each.

Let's do some quick maths here...
If you are lazy and do bare minimum to promote your site, this is what you could make:
Sell 1 set a day: 7 days x £67 = £469 x 52 weeks = £24,388 per annum

or if you try just a little harder, this is what you could make:
Sell 2 sets per day: 7 days x £67 = £938 x 52 weeks = £48,776 per annum

Now imagine you purchase 2 or more of these websites and promote them properly.

You could have multiple income streams making you money 24/7, 365 days a year from the comfort of your home.  

Your profits will be high and your costs will very low.

What are the costs?

Once you have paid the initial payment for the website and the license to sell these high quality masterclass videos, there is very little for you to pay out for.
You'll need to purchase a domain name and hosting. I can do this for you for free, or you arrange this yourself.
Also, if you wish to update anything on your site, like the copy, or the prices, or a blog update then you can either purchase a monthly maintenance agreement or just pay me my hourly rate when you need changes made.

Companies vary with these charges and it's worth shopping around.
A domain name will cost on average - £11 per year
Hosting for your website on average - £6 a month
Just take a look here at these ready to go online business websites:

These websites sell digital products, that I have acquired the resell licenses to. When you purchase these sites from me, you not only purchase the resell rights but have the option to rebrand the products to make them unique to your business. Each site sells video masterclasses in each niche.

Yes once purchased, these ready to go websites are yours and everything you sell, you keep 100% of the profit.
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